Download the CORQ app to find campus events

Three phones screenshots, of signing into the Corq app

How to use CORQ

After downloading the CORQ app, select your campus (hint: It's University of Kansas).

Three phone screenshots showing logging into app with KU login

Sign in

Next, you will sign into the CORQ app with your KU login.

Two phone screenshots showing how to find and save your event pass

Get your Event Pass

You may be asked to provide an event pass to check-in to campus events.
To generate your pass, locate the 'Event Pass' button within the CORQ menu, click to generate your scannable pass.
To save time in the future, save your pass to your phone's wallet.

Three phone screenshots showing how to find and filter events on campus

Find Campus events

To find events, go to the CORQ app menu, select 'Campus Events'. You can scroll through all posted events, or filter by your specific criteria.

Still have questions?

Contact the Student Involvement and Leadership Center for a demo.