SILC Workshops Spring 2022

Starting Spring 2022, SILC is excited to offer presentations by request to student organizations looking to learn more about services available to them through SILC and KU. Our current presentations are listed below, but we welcome requests to craft additional information upon your request. We hope you find information you’re excited to learn more about!

Our Offerings

Learn how to use social media to advance your organization’s presence to both current members and beyond with tips on creating campaigns for your events and recruitment plans.

Learn to use Rock Chalk Central's partner apps for contactless attendance tracking for your organization events.

Each new group of rising leaders offers the chance to take the organization to the next level. SILC wants to help your organization have a great elections season and successful transitions, so your new leaders are confident and ready to go day one.

Interested in hosting a new type of event for the first time or wanting to better your current planning process? SILC would be happy to have specific details ready for the size and scale of your organization to help you best highlight your event.

Constitutions can be a tricky document to navigate and change as your organization grows and evolves. We would be happy to talk through your organization’s specific constitution and how to add new positions and process to help you out.

Is your organization open to all KU students? Are you planning an event for all? We would be happy to share resources available to assist you in funding your fun.

Book your presentation Now

To book a presentation for your student organization at your next meeting or an upcoming event, please click the button below. SILC is excited to meet with you about your organization and asks that we have at least one week’s notice for presentations on our menu to ensure we have staff available for your desired date and time of presentation. 

Presentations By Request

Each student organization has specific needs that SILC is excited to help fulfil! If your organization would like to request a presentation on a topic not listed above, please email us at to discuss details. SILC requests at least 2 weeks' notice for personally requested presentations to ensure we have the staff available for your desired date and time of presentation.