Pepsi Product and Funding

As part of the agreement between the University of Kansas and Pepsi, two separate programs are available for university activities. Pepsi Product is available as a form of support for university programs and Program Funding is designated each year for financial support of university programs. Requests for Product or Funding are only considered during the academic year.

Proposals for program funding are welcomed from all University units, primarily non-academic units, and registered student organizations. After you have reviewed the applicable pages, if you have additional questions, please contact

All Hawk Week Pepsi product requests must go through The Center for Orientation and Transition Programs. 

Pepsi Product

Spring applications are open from January 8th, 2024, to April 29th, 2024. 

All Hawk Week Pepsi product requests must go through The Center for Orientation and Transition Programs. 


  • Request for Product must be submitted a minimum of 14 business days prior to the event date.
  • Products are not to be sold.
  • If you are augmenting your soda supply, be advised that purchases must be made from the Kansas Union for events held on campus.
  • Events taking place on the weekend must make plans to pick product up by the close of business the Friday before the event.
  • If picking up product you agree to a 30-minute pick-up window. If this is missed and you do not notify Union staff, eligibility of future product may be affected. 

Process to Apply

  • All requests must be submitted via Rock Chalk Central.
  • An e-mail acceptance or denial notice will be sent out by email. If your request is accepted, you will receive information on pickup/delivery process. 

Evaluation Criteria

  • The merit/impact of the proposal:
    • Who is the target audience?
    • Is there a volunteer/service element? 
    • Can the program be administered without product?
    • How does the product availability enhance the program?
    • Does it involve collaboration between organizations or units?
    • Does the program meet a community need?
  • The effectiveness of the program:
    • How many students/university community members are being affected?
    • What other benefits may be derived by this program?

Pepsi Funding

Spring applications are open from January 8th, 2024, to April 22nd, 2024. 

Funds Can be used for:

  • Speaker/lecturer honorariums
  • KU Catering
  • Printing through Jayhawk Ink
  • Supplies and other expenses for campus programs.

Funds Cannot be used for:

  • Events and student groups that are not open to all students or not registered through SILC
  • Events that charge for KU student attendance
  • Events serving alcohol
  • Events for which students will receive academic credit
  • Conference registration or travel away from campus
  • Materials to promote/oppose political candidacy or lobbying purposes
  • Third party donations, granting scholarships, recruitment to any institution, or fundraising for the student organization
  • Recruitment events
  • Gifts or Prizes
  • On-going meetings or events 


  • Priority for Pepsi funds will be given to start-up funds for new programs and events and should not be considered a permanent funding source.
  • Pepsi funds are not intended to fund entire programs/activities, but rather to supplement the budget.
  • Be sure to indicate the other sources of funding for your program or event in the budget section of your application.
  • Student organizations requesting funding must be registered with the Student Involvement and Leadership Center.
  • A maximum of one award will be made to any given organization or group each semester.
  • Payment restrictions:  Payments cannot be processed without an original invoice, event documentation and other requested information.  Payments for a service will not be made to KU employees. Payments will not be made to International vendors without appropriate documentation.  Reimbursement payments will not be issued to individual students, but must be issued to the student organization.   

Process to Apply

  • Applications should be submitted a minimum of 3 weeks prior to your event, via Rock Chalk Central.
  • Budget information should be complete and specified in detail including other sources of funding and a complete outline of all event expenses. Pepsi funds should not be your sole source of funding. The committee encourages groups to seek additional sources of funding, including Student Senate, organizations and KU departmental funding.
  • You are required to present your funding application to the committee before an award is made. You will be notified by e-mail with the meeting date, time and location you are required to attend to present your request– it is not always the next date on the meeting list. 

Program Funding Meetings

  • The Pepsi Funding Committee meets every other week during the academic year, via ZOOM, Fridays 10:00 -11:00 a.m. The committee does not meet in the summer.
  • A limited number of requests will be presented at each meeting.
  • You must attend a meeting to present your funding application.  
  • You will be notified the Monday before the Pepsi Committee Meeting in which you will be required to present.  Please provide uploaded copies of your budget, service quotes and a flyer for your event.