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Guidelines for Registered Student Organizations

The Guidelines for Registered Student Organizations (GRSO) is the handbook for student organizations, student leaders, and advisors. GRSO includes campus guidelines, policies, and procedures relevant to student organization operations.

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The Importance of GRSO

Student organization leaders deserve a comprehensive resource available to help guide their organization. GRSO is that resource and is chock full of useful information for campus leaders. Student leaders should be sure to read GRSO in its entirety to be knowledgeable of campus policies and resources. Learn more about GRSO below!

Learn more about GRSO!

GRSO discusses many topics relevant to student organization operations, but the purpose of GRSO is to create a one-stop-shop where student org leaders can get all of their questions answered regarding running their organization. The most important topics discussed are organization registration, financials, event management, and conduct/judicial information, among others. Be sure to read GRSO in full to see the entire list of topics!

KU has a very diverse array of student organizations. With more than 500 unique student organizations, there are many things that our organization leaders need to know to effectively operate their organization(s). GRSO was created to help compile all of the tidbits needed to run an organization into one place, as well as serve as an accountability measure for our organizations.

GRSO is a vital part of registration. GRSO serves as an accountability measure for organizations and their leaders by compiling all relevant policies and information into one place. All organizations that are officially registered with SILC check an agreement stating that the organization's leaders will enforce the policies and procedures within GRSO in their organization's operations. By completing this agreement, KU's student engagement community is held accountable for creating a positive atmosphere for our students to find their flock and get engaged while at KU.

GRSO may be updated at any point throughout the academic year as needed (usually without notice), but it is primarily updated every summer. When campus policies and procedures change, they usually do so when the academic year is not in session. Every summer, GRSO is sent to campus partners to review sections relevant to their policies and procedures to ensure that GRSO is still up-to-date with the latest campus policies. The cover page of GRSO includes the date of the latest update so that viewers can know the last time a change was made.

SILC is the office that administers GRSO. Most questions regarding GRSO can be answered by SILC at or 785-864-4861. Questions related to specific policies and campus procedures may be better answered by the departments that oversee them; information for getting in contact with those departments can be found in the Campus Resources sections of GRSO.